A government consultation has recently begun on the proposed Right to Build regime which enables those who want to build their own home to get help from their council in finding a plot. This scheme is one of a range of measures targeted towards making custom build a realistic opportunity for anyone who wants to build their own home.

Under the regime, prospective custom builders would be able to register their interest with their Local Planning Authority, who will have to consider this register when preparing local plans and in their five year housing supply figures.

The LPAs would have to put forward a reasonable number of potential plots within a set time, suggested to be 3 offers within 2½ years, in order to discharge their obligations. These offers would have to roughly correspond with the preferences indicated by the registered builder, for example in relation to location and price of the plot.

In order to register, the Government are suggesting a requirement that the builder have a connection to the local area, either by where they live, family connections or working in the area. The builder is also likely to have to prove access to sufficient funds and be an European Economic Area citizen.

A pilot of the scheme is now running across the UK in 11 councils who will feed back to the Government on their experience.

The consultation runs until 18 December.