On October 10, 2012, the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) approved YMax Communications Corp.’s proposed revisions to its intrastate switched access tariff after having granted the motion of AT&T Communications of the Southwest, Inc. and Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, d/b/a AT&T Missouri to suspend and investigate. AT&T filed comparable motions to suspend YMax’s proposed tariff revisions in other states, including New Mexico, Kentucky, Alabama, West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio. AT&T argues that the proposed tariff revisions would allow YMax to charge interexchange carriers for access functions that it does not provide. In its motion at the MPSC, AT&T stated that despite “unambiguous guidance from the FCC, YMax’s tariff contains numerous provisions that make clear that YMax will be seeking to collect the full array of access charges, including end office charges, even though neither YMax nor Magic Jack provide the services and functions that justify those access charges.” YMax submitted a revised tariff following the MPSC’s suspension order, and on September 9, 2012 AT&T withdrew its opposition to the tariff as revised. The new tariff carries an effective date of October 23, 2012. Docket No. TO-2013-0042.