On May 29, 2017 the Swiss Council of States deliberated on the new draft of a revised gambling law and made the following decisions:

  • After both chambers of the Swiss parliament had decided before, that Internet Access Providers must block their clients’ access to foreign online gambling websites on a technical level, the Swiss Cousil of States had decided that the Internet Access Providers shall not be compensated for the costs that insure because of this blocking.
  • In contrary to the Swiss National Council, the Swiss Council of States decided that lottery and sports betting wins exceeding one million Swiss Francs shall remain taxed.
  • Private organized poker tournaments shall only be organized by legal persons and the number of participants shall remain limited.
  • Additional exceptions for casinos in the mountain-area regarding table games shall be approved (permission of closing of the table game area for up to 270 days per year outside the tourist season).
  • The discount on the casino levy for smaller casinos in the mountain-area shall not exceed 33%.

The draft now goes back to the National Council for deliberation. It is foreseen, that the remaining differences between the National Council and the Council of States are resolved during the autumn session 2017 of the Swiss parliament (September 11, 2017 through September 29, 2017).