Czech legislation imposes a number of special obligations on sellers selling goods to consumers; one of them is the obligation to provide information to consumers which, in general terms, is contained in Sections 9 – 13 of the Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, as amended (hereinafter the “CPA”). The obligation to inform under the CPA applies to all products in general without exception, while it simultaneously allows for the existence of a divergent regulation, especially with respect to the labelling of the products (as – for example – special European regulations regarding labelling of cosmetics etc.).

Under the general obligation to inform the seller is responsible for informing the consumer about properties of goods sold, operation / use and maintenance of goods and danger which may arise due to incorrect use or maintenance.

Further, the seller is obliged to ensure that the products he sells have been visibly and clearly labelled with information on its manufacturer or importer, eventually supplier. Additionally, when so required by the nature of product or product selling method, the required information may also include name of the product, information on its weight, amount or size, or measurements, and other information that may be necessary due to the nature of product for its identification, or eventually its use, as well as with information on materials used for its main parts (where footwear is concerned), with the exception for those products which according to special regulation do not need to be labelled. If it is necessary to observe special rules in using the goods, especially when the use is regulated by the user’s manual, the seller is obliged to make the consumer acquainted with these rules, unless they are generally well-known.

Sellers are equally obliged to inform consumers about prices of goods prior to negotiating a sale, unless provided otherwise, in the extent specified in Act No. 526/1990 Coll., on prices, and applicable European regulations, as well as about the extent, terms and manner of raising claims related to defective performance and place(s) to raise these claims.

Seller shall ensure that information provided to customers is in the Czech language. Information may be provided – where applicable – using symbols (pictographs), which are clear, legible and provide full comprehensive information. If sellers sell products containing symbols on their labels (pictographs), they are obliged to provide consumers with convenient information explaining the meaning of these symbols, such as in the form of their explanation, on request. Eventual physical information / data provided must conform in their form to provisions of Act No. 505/1990 Coll., on metrology, as amended.