The Department of State's (DOS) Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division, Charlie Oppenheim, shared extensive information on the future availability of immigrant visas (green cards) in light of the recent changes to the Visa Bulletin which include the incorporation of a "Date for Filing" date. The DOS is the government agency that controls and tracks the annual quotas on the issuance of green cards. Each month the DOS issues the Visa Bulletin which outlines the availability of green cards for that month. Mr. Oppenheim indicated that the DOS does not foresee that the "Date for Filing" dates will change throughout the fiscal year which began in October 2015. These dates may advance slightly throughout the year as the DOS better understands and predicts visa availability. Mr. Oppenheim has assured stakeholders that these dates will not retrogress without sufficient advance warning and that the bifurcation of the Visa Bulletin into "Date for Filing" and "Final Action Dates" will allow the DOS to ensure that sudden movements and aggressive retrogression is a thing of the past. The Visa Bulletin for November will be issued in early October, therefore, we will have more information on Date for Filing and Final Action Date movement at that time.