On MDM’s recent trip to Jaunt, CEO Jens Christensen first sat me down in the Jaunt demo studio (pictured here to the right),where I sat through and experienced four different demos. First demo: On the stage at a recent Paul McCartney concert (yes, these will sell big time). Second demo: Extreme climbing and parachuting off cliffs in Yosemite and other extreme lands. Third demo: Immersed as a character in a horror movie (complete with a blanket thrown over my head by one of the demons that made my entire body flinch). Fourth demo: A CGI EDM-driven segment.

How do I describe the impact?

I’ll put it this way. I have been in the media and entertainment world for 25 years and have seen many demos, but Jaunt’s demo was unlike any other. It represented the future of media and entertainment. It is no gimmick. And, VR is not just for games anymore. Music, travel, storytelling—all are open to Jaunt and, therefore, to you. The world is now open and fully accessible. That is why blue-chip investors have lined up to invest in this company.

Apart from Jaunt’s eye-popping technology, it is amazing how fast this all happened. Jens previously built and sold several other companies. In the span of two years after his last sale, he joined VC firm Redpoint as an EIR (entrepreneur-in-residence), where he tried on his first Oculus (purchased through Craigslist). That is when he had his epiphany—whereas Oculus was then games-focused, Jens immediately focused on media and entertainment. That is the fundamental difference. Within just a few months (since Jens is a technical magician), he and his partner at Redpoint created their first prototype (pictured below) and now they are on the second prototype (pictured below).

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Jaunt’s content is already available—much of it free for now. MDM urges you to check it out—all you need is your phone and Google Cardboard (or something like it that you can pick up for just a few dollars online).