On February 10, 2010, Iowa Governor Chet Culver signed into law a bill that makes several important changes to the state's gift and lobbying law reporting requirements. The changes went into effect upon the bill's enactment.

The most significant provision in the bill, former House File 2109, is a repeal of the monthly and quarterly reporting requirements for lobbyists. In its place, a lobbyist must now identify his or her clients in the registration statement filed each year.

The bill also changes the reporting requirements for functions to which all members of the General Assembly have been invited. Under the new law, the sponsor of such a function must file a registration, prior to the function, identifying the sponsor, date, time and location of the function. The new law retains the requirement that the sponsor file a post-function report. However, the time for filing this report has been extended from five business days to 28 calendar days following the date of the function.