The Legislative Yuan amended the CPL on June 2, 2015.  Highlights of the amendments are summarized as follows.  (1) Enterprises shall not, by standard terms and conditions, make consumers waive his/her rights to review standard form contracts.  (2) Enterprises shall show to consumers the content of standard form contracts and provide consumers copies of such contracts.  (3) If the mandatory terms promulgated by competent authorites were not incorporated into a standard form contract, such terms shall still be deemed part of such contract.  (4) Enterprises shall bear the burden of proof if they contend that their standard form contracts are in compliance with the CPL.  (5) Mandatory terms for online order/door-to-door transactions were added to CPL.  (6)  The qualifications for Consumer Protection Groups entitled to bring class actions were lowered.  (7) The punitive damages for willful misconducts of an enterprise may be up to five times the amount of actual damages, and the punitive damages for gross negligence may be up to three times the amount of actual damages.