On August 3, 2015, the New York Attorney General announced settlements with five retailers who violated state law that prohibits the sales of realistic-looking toy guns. As part of the agreement, the retailers will halt sales of the violative products and pay more than $300,000 in penalties.

This settlement follows an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office that showed that from 2012 to 2014 the retailers, and third-party sellers, sold prohibited toy guns without required color markings. The agreement with requires the companies to pay civil penalties to the State of $50 for each online sale, plus $2000 per retailer for costs to the Attorney General’s Office. The settlements also require the retailers to apply New York City’s strict appearance standards to all statewide sales.

New York City and State laws have long restricted the sale of realistic-looking toy guns. New York City law requires any toy gun be entirely brightly colored; State law requires orange striping down the sides and tip of the barrel. According to the Attorney General’s Office, hundreds of crimes have been committed in New York City with toy guns, and there have been at least 63 shootings in New York State since 1994 as a result of someone holding a toy or imitation weapon, at least eight of which were fatal.