ICE Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) recently announced that it has upgraded the SEVIS system. This upgrade is called SEVIS Release 6.0.  

SEVIS Release 6.0 will make some of the following changes to the SEVIS system:  

  1. The Release will allow Designated Student Officials (DSO) to update a student’s SEVIS record to indicate H-1B cap-gap extension status when the student provides evidence that he/she has had an H- 1B quota petition filed or wait listed on his/her behalf.  
  2. The Release will also update SEVIS to require DSOs to report every six months on students participating in STEM Optional Practical Training (OPT). SEVP indicated that the reporting due dates will be six months and 12 months after the STEM employment start date. During a reporting period which will be 15 days before and 31 days after each reporting due date, the DSO will be required to confirm the student’s employment status and current contact information. If a DSO does not report that a student is participating in the STEM OPT extension or does not update the STEM OPT extension information within the reporting period, the student’s SEVIS record will automatically be set to Terminated status with a new reason of “Failure to Report while on OPT” 32 days after the reporting due date.  
  3. The Release will allow the SEVIS system to reflect on a dependent’s Form I-20 that the principal F-1 student has current or a future OPT on page 3 of the dependent’s Form I-20. The statement reflect the principal F-1 student’s OPT status and the OPT validity dates.  
  4. The Release will allow the DSOs to edit a pending or approved OPT with a future end date so that the DSO can delete the employer address when a student is not employed.