The number of territories now signed up to the Patent Cooperation Treaty increased earlier in August with Saudi Arabia joining the club.  This brings the number of countries within the PCT up to 148. 

Saudi Arabia has long been one of the more expensive countries in which to obtain any patent protection, not least because of the translation cost.  Many applicants have to date used the umbrella of the Gulf Cooperation Treaty (GCC) to obtain protection within Saudi Arabia but whilst a GCC patent might be granted, the detail as to how such a patent might be enforced in Saudi Arabia is far from clear.  In addition, the GCC is not within the PCT system and having to decide whether or not to file there within a year of the priority filing has frequently deterred possible patentees. 

The ability now to designate Saudi Arabia itself as a possible country in a PCT application and to have the additional 18 months breathing space in which to decide whether or not to enter the national phase may well result in a greater number of patent applications actually being filed.  Either way, the choice within the Gulf has been improved and your Dehns advisor can assist in making it.