In Florida, the Republicans won all three state Cabinet posts, the governor's race and the U.S. Senate race, continuing the party's dominance in statewide races. The Republican party also carried most of Florida's U.S. Representative seats with the Democrats taking only six seats. Voters rejected three constitutional amendments and passed three amendments.

Marco Rubio (REP) convincingly won Florida's U.S. Senate Seat. Marco Rubio's campaign focused on "Ideas to Reclaim America." The Republican party also carried most of Florida's U.S. Representative seats with the Democrats taking only six seats. The most hotly-contested race was for Florida Governor. As of 10:30 a.m., Alex Sink (DEM) conceded to Rick Scott (REP). Rick Scott has indicated his plans will be to run Florida like a business by implementing "Accountability Budgeting," which will require each state agency set and meet budgetary goals by which they will be measured. During his campaign, Rick Scott took aim at the Florida Department of Community Affairs, Florida's growth management and land planning agency by specifically expressing that the Department of Community Affairs is killing jobs by negatively impacting developers and adding unnecessary red tape.

Another notable result in the Florida Elections includes the defeat of Constitutional Amendment 4. Amendment 4, also known as "Hometown Democracy," would have required a referenda each time a local government sought to amend their local comprehensive plan. Thus, voters would have an opportunity to voice their comments any time the local comprehensive plan was to be amended. Supporters of Amendment 4 argued that voters deserve to have a say in growth decisions in their communities. Further, supporters contended that local governments have permitted overdevelopment, which have caused higher property taxes with a disproportionate amount of taxes going towards services required to support new developments. Local governments, planners, and land use attorneys alike rallied against Amendment 4. Those opposed to Amendment 4 asserted that requiring a referenda for every amendment to the local comprehensive plan would curtail growth, kill jobs, and be costly for developers, taxpayers, and the local governments. Opponents to Amendment 4 also argued that there are professional planners both at the local government and state levels whose job it is to ensure adopted comprehensive plan and state statutes related to growth are followed. Ultimately, the defeat of Florida Constitutional Amendment 4 is seen as a positive long-term outcome for Florida developers.

The following is a breakdown of various election results:

* Denotes Incumbent

Bold denotes winner

U.S. Senate

Marco Rubio (REP)

Kendrick B. Meek (DEM)  

Charlie Crist (NPA)  

Lewis Jerome Armstrong (NPA)  

Sue Askeland (NPA)  

Bobbie Bean (NPA)  

Piotr Blass (WRI)  

Bernie DeCastro (CPF)  

George Drake (WRI)  

Howard Knepper (WRI)  

Carrol Ann Joyse LaRose (WRI)  

Richard Lock (WRI)  

Robert Monroe (WRI)  

Belinda Gail Quarterman-Noah (WRI)  

Bruce Ray Riggs (NPA)

U. S. House of Representatives

District 1  

Jim Bryan (WRI)  

Joe Cantrell (NPA)  

John Krause (NPA)  

Jeff Miller (REP) *

District 2  

Dianne Berryhill (NPA)  

Allen Boyd (DEM)  

Paul C. McKain (NPA)  

Ray Netherwood (WRI)  

Steve Southerland (REP)

District 3  

Corrine Brown (DEM) *  

Terry Martin-Back (NPA)  

Michael "Mike" Yost (REP)

District 4  

Ander Crenshaw (REP)  

Gary L. Koniz (WRI)  

Deborah "Deb" Katz Pueschel (WRI)  

Troy D. Stanley (NPA)

District 5  

Richard B. "Rich" Nugent (REP)  

James "Jim" Piccillo (DEM)

District 6  

Clifford B. "Cliff" Stearns (REP)  

Steve Schonberg (NPA)

District 7  

Heather Beaven (DEM)  

John L. Mica (REP) *

District 8  

Daniel Webster (REP) -WON  

Peg Dunmire (TEA)  

Steven J. Gerritzen (WRI)  

Alan Grayson (DEM)*  

George L. Metcalfe (NPA)

District 9  

Gus Michael Bilirakis (REP) *  

Anita de Palma (DEM)

District 10  

Charlie Justice (DEM)  

C.W. Bill Youg (REP)*

District 11

Kathy Castor (DEM)*  

Mike Prendergast (REP)

District 12  

Lori Edwards (DEM)  

Dennis A. Ross (REP)  

Randy Wilkinson (TEA)

District 13  

Vern Buchanan (REP)*  

James T. Golden (DEM)

District 14  

Connie Mack (REP)*  

James Lloyd Roach (DEM)  

William Maverick St. Claire (NPA)

District 15  

Bill Posey (REP)*  

Shannon Roberts (DEM)

District 16  

William Dean (WRI)  

Jim Horn (DEM)  

Tom Rooney (REP)*

District 17  

Roderick D. Vereen (NPA)  

Frederica S. Wilson (DEM) -DEM

District 18  

Rolando A. Banciella (DEM)  

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (REP)*

District 19  

Joe Budd (REP)  

Ted Deutch (DEM)  

Stan Smilan (WRI)

District 20  

Stanley Blumenthal (NPA)  

Karen Harrington (REP)  

Robert Kunst (NPA)  

Clayton Schock (NPA)  

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DEM)*

District 21  

Mario Diaz-Balart (REP)

District 22  

Ron Klein (DEM)*  

Allen West (REP)

District 23  

Alcee L. Hastings (DEM)*  

Bernard Sansaricq (REP)

District 24  

Sandra "Sandy" Adams (REP)  

Suzanne Kosmas (DEM)*  

Nicholas Ruiz III (WRI)

District 25  

Roly Arrojo (TEA)  

Joe Garcia (DEM)  

Craig Porter (FWP)  

David Rivera (REP)

Florida Governor

Peter Allen (IDP)  

Micael E. Arth (NPA)  

Daniel Imperato (NPA)  

Farid Khavari (NPA)  

Josue Larose (WRI)  

C.C. Reed (NPA)  

Rick Scott (REP)  

Alex Sink (DEM)

Attorney General

Pam Bondi (REP)  

Dan Gelber (DEM)  

Jim Lewis (NPA)

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Atwater (REP)  

Loranne Ausley (DEM)  

Ken Maxxie (NPA)  

Tom Stearns (NPA)

Commissioner of Agriculture

Ira Chester (TEA)  

Thad Hamilton (NPA)  

Scott Maddox (DEM)  

Adam H. Putnam (REP)

State Attorney

Steve Russell (REP)*

Public Defender

Kathy Smith (REP)*

Florida Constitutional Amendments  

(Amendments 3, 7, and 9 removed from ballot by Court Order)

Amendment 1 - Repeal of Public Campaign Financing Requirement - DID NOT PASS  

Amendment 2 - Homestead Ad Valorem Tax Credit for Deployed Military Personnel - PASSED  

Amendment 4 - Referenda Required for Adoption and Amendment of Local Government Comprehensive Land Use Plans - DID NOT PASS  

Amendment 5 - Standards for Legislature to Follow in Legislative Redistricting - PASSED  

Amendment 6 - Standards for Legislature to Follow in Legislative Redistricting - PASSED (U.S. Reps. Corrine Brown and Mario Diaz-Balart filed a lawsuit challenging Amendment 6 in federal court in Miami this afternoon. The lawsuit asks that the amendment be declared invalid and stopped from being enforced.  

Amendment 8 - Revision of the Class Size Requirements for Public Schools - DID NOT PASS

Note: State House of Representatives and State Senate Results intentionally omitted. Additionally, results from the other important races including circuit judge and retention of certain Florida Supreme Court Justices and District Court of Appeal Judges intentionally omitted.