The Central Bank had published a Prospectus Handbook – "A Guide to Prospectus Approval in Ireland".

This Prospectus Handbook is divided into sections with each section highlighting a different aspect of the prospectus review, approval and publication process. All sections should be read in conjunction with one another.

  • Section One: provides an overview of the requirements relating to the structure and content of a prospectus;
  • Section Two: sets out details of the procedures to be followed by a relevant person, or their agent, regarding the drawing up, approval and publication of a prospectus to be published when an offer is made and/or securities are admitted to trading.
  • Section Three: contains additional guidance regarding various aspects of the prospectus review, approval and publication process beyond that included in the Rules.
  • The Annexes contain the following source materials:
    • (A) Annex 1 — Prospectus Rules;
    • (B) Annex 2 — Prospectus Fees;
    • (C) Annex 3 — Submission Timelines;
  • (D) Annex 4 — Template Emails, Letters and Forms as follows: New Submission Email; Redraft Submission Email; Approval Submission Email; Final Terms Submission Email; Article 8 Submission Email; Passporting Request Letter; Transfer of Approval Letter; and Account Information Form.