A Dutchman has reportedly been sentenced to jail after authorities determined that his companies sold at least 336 metric tons of horsemeat labeled as beef in 2013. Willy Selten will serve 2.5 years for forging invoices, labels and declarations and using forged documents to sell meat. The court judgment apparently determined that Selten “contributed to a negative image for the Dutch meat industry and damaged the sector’s interests” because he sold the horsemeat-beef mixture to foreign firms. During his trial, Selten admitted that he was negligent with his administration, but he argued that he is “not the big horsemeat swindler they’re all looking for.” Since 2013, Selten declared bankruptcy and faces damages claims of €11 million. Details about the sentencing of two U.K. men related to falsifying documents and failing to keep adequate records appear in issue 560 of this Update.