U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has made the following changes to its E-Verify Web interface:

  • Added U.S. Passport Photo Matching, a new feature that uses data and photos from the U.S. passport system to assist in the verification process  
  • Changed the title “Designated Agent” to “E-Verify Employer Agent”  
  • Updated the following USCIS publications:  
  • E-Verify User Manual for Employers  
  • E-Verify User Manual for Federal Contractors  
  • E-Verify User Manual for E-Verify Employer Agent  
  • E-Verify Quick Reference Guide for Employers  
  • E-verify Quick Reference Guide for E-Verify Employer Agent  

USCIS has also launched E-Verify Connection, a newsletter on E-Verify developments. The first issue is available here.

You may join the newsletter distribution list by e-mailing “subscribe” toE-VerifyOutreach@dhs.gov.

For more information on these developments, click here.

In related news, Florida recently began requiring certain state agencies and contractors to use E-Verify, while Rhode Island has rescinded its E-Verify requirement for state contractors.