The European Union continues to give sound signs of interest and support to the tech industry. Today, the tech sector is rapidly becoming one of the most important industries, and countries are taking steps to secure their position at the top. The latest example is France, which has come up with a new strategy to attract what is called tech talent, which includes startup founders, employees and investors. The name for this new strategy is the French Tech Visa.

According to its website, the French Tech Visa is a «simplified, fast-track procedure for three types of international tech talent to obtain a residence permit known as the “Passeport Talent”». An easier and faster procedure to obtain a four-year residence permit to live in France, exclusive for those individuals who meet the tech talent criteria (for France, these are startup founders, employees and investors).

Under the French Tech Visa, these three categories of tech talent will be entitled to live and work in France, for four renewable years: startup founders (entrepreneurs), employees and investors (business angels). The residence permit can also be extended to family members (both spouses and dependent children), and it does not require other work permits.

Those who are granted the Tech Visa will benefit from the wide, and tech-thirsty, European Union market.