On Monday, Speaker Dean Cannon outlined his priorities for the upcoming legislative session, which include a bifurcation of the Florida Supreme Court, reform of Florida's Medicaid program, and dismantling of the prescription drug database. The restructuring of the Florida Supreme Court would result in two five-member courts, one criminal branch and one civil branch. In order to address Florida's “pill mill” problem, Speaker Cannon is seeking to dismantle the existing, but troubled, prescription drug database program. In its place would be a ban on distribution of controlled substances to practitioners, requiring individuals to obtain controlled substances from pharmacies. Senate President Haridopolos responded to Speaker Cannon's outline for the upcoming session by noting that while the Senate would evaluate the Supreme Court proposal, it would not repeal the prescription drug database program. Both the Medicaid reform and prescription drug distribution ban proposals may be heard as early as this week in the House Committee on Health and Human Services.