The European Parliament has postponed until April 2, 2014, debate on amended draft legislation (2012/0192 (COD)) that would require phar- maceutical companies to make all of their clinical trial data available on a publicly accessible database. A vote is expected on April 3. According to a news source, drug makers currently publish only some of the data, shielding the remainder on commercial confidentiality grounds. Accord- ingly, data showing negative results or potentially harmful effects are not apparently made public. supporters of the legislation contend that this can lead to adverse reactions to drugs that are otherwise prescribed in good faith by physicians who believe that the medicines are more effective and safer than they may actually be. The legislation would also address the rights of clinical trial subjects and establish detailed rules  on informed consent. See The New Scientist, March 11, 2014; Intellectual Property Watch News Release, March 14, 2014.