With decision of last February 25, 2013 (Case Reckitt Benckiser Italia S.p.a. vs. Henkel Italia S.p.a.), the Advertising and Marketing Communication Self-Regulation Authority (the “Jury”), ruled that the expressions that emphasize the excellence of cleaning products are not in breach of the Code of Marketing Communication Self-Regulation, being considered hyperbolic.

The Jury confirmed that in the field of cleaning products such messages are common enough that consumers perceive them as a claim of excellence, without conferring them an absolute value in terms of product primate.

Therefore, the expressions under scrutiny ('perfect cleaning every wash', 'perfect clean also on the most stubborn dirt', 'extraordinary clean also in short washings’, 'real clean even with the most stubborn dirt') are hyperbolic claims unable to mislead the public, as they can be immediately recognized as unsuitable to grant the aimed result of perfect clean.