Working Group 1 of the High Level Review of United Nations Sanctions has made an initial report on UN integration and coordination in the implementation of UN sanctions.

The High Level Review was organised by the governments of Australia Finland, Germany, Greece and Sweden to “enhance… [the] effectiveness [of UN sanctions] and thereby better address threats to international peace and security through improved integration with today’s evolved network of internal and external institutions and related legal instruments”.

Working Group 1’s remit is primarily to address opportunities to improve sanctions integration and coordination among the UN entities supporting the Council’s sanctions function.

The Working Group has focussed its consultations around the following six themes:

  • the technical implementation of the sanctions measures by Member States;
  • the availability of technical assistance for States;
  • the system for monitoring implementation and compliance;
  • the way Sanctions Committees take decisions;
  • how well the UN system integrates sanctions with its other responses to the same crisis; and
  • how the UN system supports the Committees, the Expert Groups and other UN bodies involved in sanctions implementation.

The working group has reported its initial findings, identifying a number of areas for change and improvement. It is now proceeding to investigate a range of possible recommendations.

Concept Note to the High Level Review of UN Sanctions

Report of Working Group 1, dated 31 October 2014