A new Executive Regulation from the Minister of Development on displaying prices of goods and services entered into force on 1 January 2016.

The regulation is aimed at reducing burdens imposed on business entities. The regulation removes the obligation to directly mark every product with a price (so-called “ticketing”). There is also no obligation to provide consumers with barcode readers in large area stores.

Under the regulation, the price and the unit price may be displayed in the form of a price label (e.g. a price tag, a price ticket), price list, catalogue, dust cover, print or inscription on the product or its packaging. Prices must be presented in an unambiguous manner and in a way that enables consumers to compare them.

The changes also concern the way a business entity must provide information about price discounts. If there is a promotion or price discount, businesses are no longer obliged to show the crossed out old price and the current price. As opposed to the previous regulation, the new regulation does not include specific rules on displaying price information in marketing materials or in shop displays.