Political finance


How are political parties and politicians funded in your jurisdiction?

All political parties are financed by public funds provided by the INE, which establishes how will these funds are distributed according to their specific activities.

Registration of interests

Must parties and politicians register or otherwise declare their interests? What interests, other than travel, hospitality and gifts, must be declared?

All political parties are public entities that must be registered as such before the INE, in terms of the General Law of Political Parties. In terms of article 72, all political parties must report all incomes and expenses for their ordinary activities. Among other interests, political parties must report incomes and expenses regarding the following activities:

  • all campaign actions in electoral processes;
  • internal expenses for candidate selection;
  • personnel salaries, expenses for leasing of assets, stationery expenses, electric and fuel consumption expenses and travel expenses; and
  • institutional propaganda expenses.
Contributions to political parties and officials

Are political contributions or other disbursements to parties and political officials limited or regulated? How?

Since political parties are financed by public funding provided by the INE, in order to avoid corruption, political contributions or any other disbursements to political parties or officials are not permitted.

Sources of funding for political campaigns

Describe how political campaigns for legislative positions and executive offices are financed.

Campaigns for legislative positions are financed by public funding. Non-public fundraising is not allowed. The INE establishes how the funds will be distributed, as well as the restrictions and limitations that every political party should mandatorily adhere to with respect to the funds provided. All expenses should be reported. All political parties must provide the INE with the corresponding invoices of every expense incurred with connection to the corresponding political campaign. This report must be sent once the campaign is over.

Lobbyist participation in fundraising and electioneering

Describe whether registration as a lobbyist triggers any special restrictions or disclosure requirements with respect to candidate fundraising.

There are no special restrictions or disclosures that may apply to any of the registered or non-registered lobbyists (entity or individual).

Independent expenditure and coordination

How is parallel political campaigning independent of a candidate or party regulated?

Political campaigning is regulated equally for both independent campaigns and political parties’ campaigns.

Individuals or groups not directly related to any of the campaigns may support or oppose such campaigns; however, this type of activity will only be appreciated as opinions of those who intend to support or oppose either to the political party or specifically the candidate.

Likewise, there are no limitations regarding the coordination of the political campaigns, the coordination relays internally. Personal coordinators shall establish their own internal proceedings for managing and controlling the campaign. The candidate’s staff shall oversee all activities.

The same rules apply for a registered lobbyist, a non-registered lobbyist and individual that may participate in the candidate’s campaign.