The efforts of the Securities and Exchange Commission to proceed with an administrative enforcement proceeding against Barbara Duka were further stalled when a US federal court in New York denied a motion by the SEC to stay its August 12, 2015 injunction against it from prosecuting Ms. Duka before an administrative law judge. The court reiterated that Ms. Duka is likely to prevail in her constitutional argument that the appointment of the ALJ by the SEC was illegal; Ms. Duka would likely suffer irreparable hard if the administrative proceeding were to proceed; and the SEC would not suffer irreparable harm by delaying the administrative proceeding (because it can always proceed against Ms. Duka in federal court). Likewise, a US appellate court in New York stayed SEC administrative enforcement proceedings against Lynn Tilton and Patriach Partners, her advisory firm, to permit it to consider similar issues. (Click here for background in Ms. Duka’s matter in the article “Barbara Duka Obtains Preliminary Injunction Against SEC Prosecuting Her in an Administrative Tribunal” in the August 16, 2015 edition of Bridging the Week. Click here for background on Ms. Tilton’s matter in the article “Diva of Distressed” Loses Bid to Have SEC Enforcement Action Heard in Federal Court, Not Administrative Tribunal” in the July 5, 2015 edition of Bridging the Week.)