Comment deadlines of September 8 and 12, 2015, remain the same.

In a blog post yesterday, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator Larry Strickling announced that the United States government would be signing a one-year extension of the IANA functions contract that it has in place with ICANN. There has been some coverage in the press indicating that this represents a “delay” in the permanent transfer of the IANA function away from the United States and to ICANN. However, those following the matter closely were expecting this one-year extension in order to make possible the timeframe for transition that ICANN’s departing-CEO telegraphed at ICANN’s recent Buenos Aires meeting. That timeframe anticipates transfer sometime in the summer of 2016 (see page 26 of the relevant presentation). It is important for any business that uses the Internet to promote or deliver its goods and services to understand that the “delay” was fully expected and that it doesn’t relieve any of the time pressure. The next important deadlines are September 8 and 12, 2015 (see the IANA Transition Comment Notice). Those are the dates by which public comments on the transition plans are due. Don’t miss the window to put forward your comments on the IANA Transition Plan!