On May 22, 2009, the City of Toronto released its long-awaited draft new zoning by-law for the purposes of harmonizing its current 43 stand-alone zoning by-laws into one, and implementing its new Official Plan. This draft new zoning by-law is the first single comprehensive zoning by-law with city-wide application.

The draft zoning by-law is available for public review and comment at http://www.toronto.ca/zoning. As part of a public consultation process, eight open houses will be held between June and early July and will provide the public with an opportunity to review, comment and ask questions. For information regarding these open houses, please refer to http://www.toronto.ca/zoning/pdf/torontostar_notice.pdf.

As the zoning by-law will affect all land owners in the City of Toronto, this is an important opportunity for public review and feedback. In order to determine the potential impact on your property or your business, those who have land, or develop land, in the City of Toronto, should review the draft zoning by-law and, in particular, examine how its designations and definitions affect their land and attend the above mentioned public sessions if they have any concerns