This is the 5th in a series of posts regarding practice and procedure in Montgomery County Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas.

In January 2011, Montgomery County (PA) Court of Common Please started holding pre-trial conferences.  Once the case is in the trial pool then it takes about 4-6 months for a pre-trial conference.

Prior to the conference pursuant to rule 212 you are required to file a pre-trial memorandum. The content of the memo are set forth in both the state rule of civil procedure 212.1 and Montgomery County local rule. Make sure you include what is required in both rules.

The pre-trial conference is scheduled before one of the six civil division judges. The computer randomly assigns your case to that judge. The following is likely to happen at your pre-trial conference:

  • The judge will conduct a settlement conference. Thus, all parties need to be present in person or by telephone.
  • The judge will set a trial date. Thus, if you have any conflicts regarding dates you must list them in the pre- trial memo. Otherwise, the Court will not accept your conflicts in your schedule.
  • The Judge will set deadlines for Voire Dire, Motions in Limine, Points for Charge, etc. Thus,. It is mandatory that trial counsel attend the conference.
  • The Judge will discuss any other issues likely to arise before or during trial. Thus, come prepared be bring those issues to the Judge’s attention at the conference.