Fast Food Forward has apparently coordinated its second strike in six months as part of its long-term effort to unionize fast-food employees in New York City. According to media sources, hundreds of workers employed by approximately 65 fast-food restaurants throughout New York City walked off the job on April 4, 2013, to show support for Fast Food Forward’s latest campaign, which seeks to increase worker wages to $15 per hour. The effort has apparently drawn public support from, the Black Institute and the Service Employees International Union, among other organizations.

“What happened in November was a very big thing in terms of seeing whether workers were ready and able to go out and strike and take risks in a way that has not happened in the fast-food industry before,” said New York Communities for Change Executive Director Jonathan Westin of Fast Food Forward’s previous strike. “A lot of people have been emboldened by what happened last time.” Additional details about Fast Food Forward’s first strike appear in Issue 463 of this Update. See The New York Times and NPR, April 4, 2013.