On January 6, 2016, it was published in the Federal Official Gazette (“DOF” for its acronym in Spanish) the Decree by means of which articles 29, section VI and 35, first paragraph are amended; and articles 29 Ter and 29 Quáter are added, of the Law of the Institute of the National Fund for the Housing of Workers (“Decree”).

The Decree introduced the possibility for employers to fulfill the payment and information requirements formulated by the Institute of the National Fund for the Housing of Workers (“INFONAVIT” for its acronym in Spanish) through any means, including electronic media.

Likewise, the Decree contemplates the alternative for employers to: (i) file requests or briefs before the INFONAVIT in writing or through any electronic media, the foregoing in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Regulation for the Enrollment, Payment of Contributions and Payment of Discounts to the INFONAVIT; and (ii) deliver payment of contributions and discounts through the electronic or written formats determined by the INFONAVIT.

It was also determined that the INFONAVIT shall use electronic media for the fulfillment of its purpose and activities, and act as a certifying authority in terms of the Law of the Advanced Electronic Signature, to issue digital certificates for the use of advanced electronic signature in the forms and proceedings.

The Decree became binding on January 7, 2016 (on the following day of its publication in the DOF). The INFONAVIT shall issue the corresponding reforms and additions related to the provisions of the Decree within the following 180 days after it has become binding.