The Canadian government has recently released its Arctic foreign policy statement. One of the initiatives the government committed to was establishing a new High Arctic research station, and upgrading over 30 existing research facility sites across the Arctic. A multi‐stakeholder initiative, the Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment (BREA), will sponsor regional environmental and socio‐economic research to gather new information on the Beaufort Sea. One government member commented, "This initiative demonstrates Canada's proactive approach to sustainable economic development and will assist in generating science required for regulatory decision making in Beaufort Sea oil and gas exploration and development."

TransCanada Corporation reported that it is encouraged by the multiple bids it received for pipeline capacity for its proposed Alaska Pipeline Project. The initial open season for the proposed pipeline ended on July 30, 2010. This joint venture between TransCanada and Exxon Mobil offered shippers two options, consisting of a 2,737 km pipeline to the United States markets or a 287 km pipeline to Valdez, Alaska where the North Slope gas would be converted into liquefied natural gas.