The Ministry of Justice have launched a consultation on transforming the OPG. They wish to develop a digital approach to delivering services by using interactive tools. They are of the view that this will then reduce bureaucracy and enable the OPG to focus its resources on its role in safeguarding vulnerable people.

It looks at many aspects of the OPG service. Of most interest to readers are likely to be the changes around Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). Some of the questions relate to:

  • Replacing the separate property and affairs / health and welfare LPAs with one hybrid form
  • A short-form hybrid form (given that 90 per cent of donors do not place restrictions on their attorneys or provide a long list of notifiable persons)
  • Removing choice to appoint attorneys to act jointly for some decisions and jointly and severally for others
  • How many certificate providers are needed?
  • Combining form and application to register
  • The protection offered by named persons
  • The use of certificates of registration
  • The reduction of the statutory waiting period

There is also one question about access to registers which may be of interest. It is proposed that for queries about whether a deputy or attorney exists and what type of power is in place, live access to registers online could be given (protected by security/registration requirements).

The consultation ends on 19 October 2012.