The Scottish Executive released Scottish Planning Policy 6 on Renewable Energy (SPP6) towards the end of March 2007. Scottish Planning Policies provide statements of Scottish Executive policy on nationally important land use and other planning matters. SPPs are important as they are often material considerations to be taken into account in development management both new developments being promoted and in development planning. This new planning policy sets out the Scottish Executive's current position on renewable energy following a consultation exercise undertaken last year. It is encouraging for renewable energy developers in that it states the Scottish Ministers' commitment to increasing the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources and the target of generating 6GW of Scotland's electricity from renewable sources by 2020. It also notes that this figure of 6GW is not to be regarded as a cap. There are, however, a number of issues contained within SPP6 that could be of concern to developers such as the proximity to houses etc; these issues will need to be carefully considered in any future planning applications or Section 36 Applications for renewable energy developments. A copy of SPP6 can be found at: