Recently, the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund gave its approval to the institution's new Biomedical Research Regulations, after submitting it to a public consultation process at the end of last year; This action is expected to reactivate the field of medical research on human beings in the country.

Before 2015, the year in which clinical trials with human beings were banned in the country for lacking an specific law, Costa Rica had a strong industry that was working successfully and growing steadily. Once the law and the corresponding regulations were published in 2015, activities at a privatesector in this field were resumed, however, without the same dynamism that they had 5 years before, a situation that has not changed in any significant way because the interest from the private sector and sponsors has not yet been recovered.

Now, the authorities hope that with this final approval by the Board of Directors of the CCSS and given the resources and robust health system the country has, the interest will be resumed, and Costa Rica will become a leader in the matter, this time under the leadership of the CCSS and thus reenergizing the industry.

It is important to mention that the current regulations for investigations from the private sector do not change with this approval; however, it is expected to generate more interest from the sector.