In 2017, the trademark examination process is accelerated, and the official fee for trademark applications is 50% cut off, which enable the opposition filing number further increases. In 2017, the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce received a total of 72,575 trademark opposition applications, a year-on-year increase of 26.9%, completed the examination of 63004 oppositions, a year-on-year increase of 30.7%. 17000 oppositions were established, 4489 cases were partially established, and 41000 cases were not established. The opposition establishment (including partial establishment) rate reached 34.25%, increasing from 28.8% of 2016.

【Opposition Applications, Opposition Rulings and Opposition Establishment Rate (2015-2017) 】

Among the 22,000 cases ruling the trademark registration application was disapproved or partially disapproved, there were 5734 cases of preventing bad faith registration, accounting for 26.6% of the established or partially established oppositions. 1212 cases applied Article 7 of the Trademark Law on "violation of the principle of good faith", accounting for 5.6%, 2352 cases applied Article 13 of the Trademark Law on expanded protection for well-known trademarks , accounting for 10.91%, 246 cases applied Article 15 of the Trademark Law on pre-emptive registration by agents or representatives, accounting for 1.13%, and 1924 cases applied Article 32 of the Trademark Law on protection for other prior rights or prevention of bad faith preemptive registration, accounting for 8.92%. (As a basic principle, the "principle of good faith" Article 7 is often used in combination with other provisions, so the data will be slightly overlapped.)