On 20 June 2017 licensing conditions for carrying out commercial activity on electricity generation, approved by Resolution of the Ukrainian Regulator No. 309 of 22 March 2017 (the “Licensing Conditions”), were finally officially published (please see the respective information and text of the Licensing Conditions here). The Licensing Conditions will enter into force on 20 August 2017 (in 2 months after the date of its publication).

All generating facilities with total power capacity 5 MW or more, or producers of electricity from renewables intending to sell electricity at the Wholesale electricity market of Ukraine shall obtain the electricity generation license. In accordance with Licensing Conditions, the applicants will have to supply the following package of documents (2 sets of each document) to obtain the generation license:

  • copy of documents confirming ownership or other rights to use generating equipment in the places of commercial activity certified by the director of an applicant or authorized person;
  • copy of technical passports for generating equipment confirming the installed power capacity (in their absence other documents confirming their technical characteristics) certified by the director of an applicant or authorized person;
  • table with information about places of commercial activity and generating equipment (name, quantity, inventory numbers, fuel etc.);
  • drawing of connection of a power plant to the electrical grid with indication of meters.

The Licensing Conditions establish a number of employment, organizational, technological and other requirements.

Please note that electricity producers shall bring their activity in line with the Licensing Conditions and submit documents which they have not submitted in accordance with new requirements until 21 September 2017 (within 3 months from the date of the publication).