The Open Payments system’s website is up and running as of September 30.  The Open Payments system was created by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, part of the Affordable Care Act.  Manufacturers of drugs, devices and medical supplies are required to report all payments made by them. or other items of value given by them, to physicians and teaching hospitals.

The website makes the data on financial relationships between manufacturers and healthcare providers freely available to the public.  It includes detailed descriptions of the process by which the information is collected and other extensive educational material, including a "frequently asked questions" page. The records themselves are organized into three categories -- general payments, research payments and physician ownership and investments -- and may be sorted and viewed in different ways with a "data explorer tool."

One might speculate that after the widely reported problems with the website a year ago (and since), and physician complaints regarding erroneous data in the Open Payments system less than two months ago, CMS devoted extra resources to ensure that the Open Payments website would appear authoritative, content-rich and easy to navigate.  

More information about the Open Payments system and the Sunshine Act may be found here.