A New York appeals court, in 381 Search Warrants Directed to Facebook, Inc. v New York County Dist. Attorney's Off., has rejected Facebook’s attempt to quash search warrants served on it by the Manhattan District Attorney before the warrants were executed.  In a case that has drawn intense interest from communications and cloud service providers, the appellate court held that no constitutional or statutory right exists to “challenge an alleged[ly] defective warrant before it is executed.”  It rejected Facebook’s proposition to treat the motion as analogous to quashing a subpoena, finding that the SCA clearly differentiates between subpoenas and 2703(d) orders, on the one hand, and search warrants, on the other, and allows pre-enforcement challenges by providers only to the former.  If followed by other courts, this ruling means that communications providers will have no recourse but to comply even with the most burdensome and overbroad search warrants for user data.