On January 13th, the SEC announced a series of measures to strengthen its enforcement program by encouraging greater cooperation from individuals and companies in the agency's investigations and enforcement actions. First, the Division of Enforcement is authorizing its staff to use various tools to encourage individuals and companies to report violations and provide assistance to the agency. The new tools include Cooperation Agreements, Deferred Prosecution Agreements, and Non-prosecution Agreements. Second, the SEC streamlined the process for submitting witness immunity requests to the Justice Department. Third, the Commission has set out the way in which it will evaluate whether, how much, and in what manner to credit cooperation by individuals to ensure that potential cooperation arrangements maximize the Commission's law enforcement interests. In a newly issued policy statement, the SEC identifies four general considerations: the assistance provided by the cooperating individual, the importance of the underlying matter in which the individual cooperated, the societal interest in ensuring the individual is held accountable for his or her misconduct, and the appropriateness of cooperation credit based upon the risk profile of the cooperating individual. SEC Press Release. See also Delegation of Authority (SEC delegates to the Director of the Division of Enforcement the authority to submit witness immunity order requests to the Department of Justice).