The Royal Court of Jersey can receive requests from outside Jersey by courts prescribed under the Bankruptcy (Désastre) (Jersey) Law 1990 or based on principles of comity. Such requests may involve a Jersey company or any other company with assets or information situated in Jersey. Insolvency practitioners appointed under a law or by a court outside Jersey will have no authority, as a matter of Jersey law, to act in Jersey. It is normal, therefore, for an application to be made for recognition of the appointment of such practitioners and to authorise them to exercise powers in Jersey. Such an application should be made by a letter of request from the foreign court administering the insolvency.

In the absence of such recognition, a foreign insolvency practitioner will, as a matter of Jersey law, and regardless of the position under the law of his appointment, be at risk of exceeding his authority and be severely hampered in carrying out his or her duties. In any event, Jersey recipients of any requests for cooperation may require the officeholder to obtain recognition and authority from the Royal Court. If, at a later stage, the officeholder seeks recognition, his unauthorised acts may affect whether and to what extent the Royal Court exercises its discretion.

For further details, please see Dessain and Wilkins "Jersey Insolvency and Asset Tracking" 3rd Edition and the 2009 Supplement.