The Head of Policy at the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Chris Walker, has outlined the best practices which shall be adopted by the SFO in implementing and policing the Bribery Act. The Ministry of Justice has recently announced that more time is needed to prepare the guidance provided for in Section 9 of the Act concerning adequate procedures to protect a business from bribery. This guidance will help to reassure corporates on the steps they can take to put in place adequate procedures and to help develop a genuine anti-corruption culture. A directors' guidance will also be published which will discuss the details of various offences and what needs to be proved. It will also set out the public interest factors that prosecutors should be willing to take into account in deciding whether to prosecute. It will shed some light on some of the issues concerning facilitation payments and hospitality that has been raised. He confirmed that the SFO will enforce this legislation robustly and acknowledge that a safeguard for businesses is that the SFO's interpretation of the Act can be challenged in Court.