On August the 21 st of 2013, the Decree-Law n. º 120/2013 proceeded with the extension of deadlines set out in the Legal Regime of Urbanization and Construction. This new regulation came into force on the day following its publication, but these rules are also applied to procedures that have already started at that date. In this last case the acts are expressly safeguarded even if they have already been performed. As so, deadlines for execution of works are doubled upon request of the interested party, submitted at a previous moment prior to the respective expiry date without being necessary the issuing of a new licensing title or new authorization prior to communication about the concerned urban operations. The same rule is applied to extended deadlines in which the work cannot be completed within the agreed time, for being under conclusion or as a result of license amendment. On the other hand, once the extension of time given by the diploma in cause is met the interested party is still able to request the extension in the cases described above. Note also that the limitation and presentation timelines of the requests for the issue of permits for  urban operations are likely to be extended to the double.