In a southern Ohio federal court, a jury awarded a railroad conductor $544,800 from a trucking company and its driver as the result of a collision between a train and a tractor-trailer. The evidence showed that the tractor-trailer had passed several stopped vehicles in an effort to cross the railroad tracks before the train arrived. The conductor claimed that the collision caused him severe and permanent injuries to his shoulder and neck. The jury awarded $130,000 for past lost wages, $335,000 for future lost wages, $90,000 for lost employment benefits and $115,000 for pain and suffering. The award was reduced by 20% for the comparative negligence of the conductor.

A jury in Columbia, Kentucky awarded an elderly lady $220,000 as the result of a rear-end collision that caused a broken arm and a rotator cuff injury. The plaintiff was stopped and waiting to make a turn with another car stopped directly behind her. A straight truck struck the car behind the plaintiff and pushed it into her car. Evidence at trial indicated that the truck's brakes had failed. Fault was not contested. A jury in Columbia awarded $19,914 for past medical expense, $75,000 for future medical expense and $100,000 for pain and suffering. The verdict totaled $219,914.