According to a recent report, Mexico received remittances totaling $23 billion in 2006 from its citizens who work outside Mexico. Mexico rewards those who send money “home” by its “3-4-1” program whereby “each dollar sent back to Mexico from the U.S. is matched by one U.S. dollar from the national government and one from the migrant’s local authority “to be spent in local development”…Colombia has a similar program…In the Mexican village of Jaripo in Michoacán state, there are two types of houses: tiny adobes with clay-brick walls, dirt floors and a latrine in the back. There are also homes with multiple bedrooms, inside bathrooms, and satellite dishes on the roofs...According to Sam Quinones, author of Antonio’s Gun and Delfino’s Dream, a book on Mexican migration to the U.S., the “mansions” sit there waiting for their owners to return when they have earned enough and sent enough money home …The World Bank estimates that remittances to Mexico exceed amounts in development aid. In D.C. it is called “earn here, spend there.”