Increasingly regulators, shareholders, customers and employees are demanding higher standards of corporate integrity from business. In a challenging risk climate, the consequences of failure can be severe. But fulfilling these expectations can be a time consuming challenge. The diversity and complexity of governance and ethical issues facing business can seem overwhelming. It can be difficult knowing where to start:

  • Are you confident that you and your staff know how to do the right thing?
  • Regulators are demanding "adequate procedures". Is your organisation compliant?
  • Have you had an independent review of your organisation's business ethics programme?
  • Have you properly assessed the non-financial risks to your business?
  • Does your organisation incentivise ethical behaviour?
  • Do board meetings regularly consider business ethics issues?

There is no single solution. To achieve and demonstrate the highest standards of corporate integrity requires an understanding of the factors specific to your organisation and how to tailor a solution to fit its individual culture.