Eversheds Sutherland, in collaboration with Microsoft, is delighted to announce the launch of our latest thought leadership papers:

  1. Cyber threats in the oil and gas sector: The cyber threat is changing and increasingly in the crosshairs is the energy sector. If you’re an oil and gas company, you can’t afford the loss of confidential information or disruption to operations. Download the whitepaper for practical suggestions on how to keep your organization safe.
  2. Data Sovereignty – the oil and gas perspective: Companies are increasingly running up against legal barriers to the free flow and aggregation of data as countries continue to pass so-called data sovereignty laws. Caught in the middle are oil and gas companies, which are facing growing compliance challenges, and who are having to think seriously both about which countries to do business in and about where, how and what data to store. The companies that will come out ahead will be those that fully understand the developing issue and which develop a risk-based, business-focused, and global regulatory strategy. Download the whitepaper and learn about the evolving data sovereignty landscape in the oil and gas sector and what to do about it.