The Senate and House both passed the “Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act” (PRIA3) last week as the expiration date for the program was fast approaching. Both chambers passed the bill by unanimous consent, after some in industry expressed concern that the bill would not make it to a vote in the Senate before the September 30th expiration. PRIA establishes a fee schedule and a regular time table for pesticide registration and provides funding to the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP). PRIA3 includes changes from the previous versions including changes to decision making time frames for labels (allowing a 30-day period after issuance of a label for registrants to discuss label changes with EPA) and a new tracking program for species data collection that should allow the agency to better comply with the Endangered Species Act. The bill would also add some new categories of chemicals, with a guaranteed timeline for EPA’s review. The bill will become law once signed by President Obama.