The Court of First Instance (CFI) has partially annulled a Council Regulation increasing anti-dumping duties on imports of polyester staple fibres produced by the Korean based Huvis Corporation. After the Commission had conducted an interim review of the definitive anti-dumping duties imposed by Council Regulation (EC) No 2852/2000, the Council, in line with Regulation (EC) No 428/2005, set the new duty rate 0.9 percentage points higher. Huvis applied to have the requisite parts of the 2005 Regulation that increased the rate annulled, on the basis that the Commission had used a different method for comparing the export price and the normal value in the interim review from that used in the initial review. The CFI, in finding for the applicants, stated that the institutions concerned had infringed the basic anti-dumping regulation by not applying the same method in the review as that applied in the initial investigation. The CFI did indicate that if the method used in the initial investigation was no longer appropriate, a different method could be used. However, it was for the institutions to establish that the circumstances had so changed, which they had not done in the present case.