As part of the Government's Better Local Government reform package, the Department of Internal Affairs is currently seeking public submissions on a draft set of performance measures for local authorities and Council-controlled Organisations ("CCOs"). These performance measures will apply to the provision of the following services:

  • water supply;
  • stormwater drainage;
  • wastewater treatment and disposal;
  • flood protection and control works; and
  • provision of roads and footpaths.

The goal is to provide a standardised set of measures to compare local government performance in key areas. From 2015, local authorities will have to include these performance measures in their Long-term Plans and Annual Reports. Similarly, CCOs that provide these services will also have to include these performance measures in their Statements of Intent.

The measures are not intended to be benchmarks or service targets for local authorities to achieve. Instead, they aim to provide a standardised approach to reporting performance in these service areas and enable communities to compare the level of service provided within their district with service levels elsewhere in the country. A common set of measures would help the public contribute meaningfully to the debate about what level of service is appropriate to their community compared to the services offered in other communities.

The Department of Internal Affairs is receiving submissions on the draft measures, and would welcome your input. Online submissions close on 28 February 2013. Further information about the draft performance measures can be found here.