The Central Bank of Ireland has produced a further 9 National Specific Templates (NST03 to NST11) on its website for Solvency II reporting purposes. These NSTs are the reporting templates which address local Irish market requirements and/or the nature of Irish insurers and which are not accommodated under the EIOPA templates. The new templates fall into two categories – the first five NSTs relate to non-life technical provisions and claims templates. Technical specifications are also provided in relation to those templates. Note that reinsurers are not subject to these NSTs. The second set of four NSTs are provided for insurers conducting variable annuity business. The Central Bank’s webpage sets out information on the frequency of submission of these templates together with the dates the first NSTs will be due.

The Central Bank has also published two further NSTs for gathering data for national statistical purposes. This information is required from the entire Solvency II reporting population on a quarterly basis. A Q&A document in respect of the statistical NSTs is also provided.

A link to the National Specific Templates can be found on the Central Bank website here.