Hungary’s pharmaceutical authority, the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (“Authority”), introduced a new website platform for making notifications of professional events on 4 January 2018. This new platform will gradually replace the current notification process of submitting information via e-mail and an excel file attachment.

The new platform can be found at To use it, prior registration is necessary, which can be done on the website. For notifications made by an employee of a company, a power of attorney (a sample is available on the website) must be submitted to the Authority at the following e-mail address,, with the employee responsible for the notification of the events on behalf of the company clearly indicated.

Following registration, a two-level authentication is required for login. Authentication can be done through Google Authenticator or any other authentication application that has OATH-HOTP or OATH-TOTP support.

After login, the website provides a brief summary on the relevant provisions of the Act XCVIII of 2006 (the Medicines Thrift Act). The Medicines Thrift Act states that the notification of an event must be made 15 days before the starting date while additional data and documents, as stated in the summary, can be uploaded within 7 days of the event.

The Authority established this new system to enhance the transparency of events and modernise the event notification process, bringing it in line with the newly introduced e-administration system.