On 3 August 2015, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) published a revised and improved version of its MIG.

The revised twenty chapter version has been published by the FSA to provide clarity in relation to legal requirements, provide useful tips, and aims to teach good practice principles.

The new MIG sets out:

  • The legal obligations that apply to food businessoperators in the meat sector and provides advice on how these obligations can be met
  • Whilst compliance with the law is not voluntary,operators are not obliged to follow the advice in the guide as other ways of achieving compliance with the law maybe equally valid
  • The guide is not an authoritative interpretation of the law as only the courts have that power

The FSA says that the guide is for businesses involved in the slaughter, cutting and processing of fresh meat. Its main target is businesses subject to veterinary control by the FSA, Food Standards Scotland and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

If you are a business to which the MIG will apply then you should familiarise yourself with the MIG now by clicking the following link: